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The Best Marketing Idea For Pest Control Companies

Like most PCO’s, you’re about to place a hold on your advertising in preparation for winter. Why not, because who would launch an Adwords campaign for carpenter bee removal in December – that’s just nuts! But, in doing so each year you’ll never put to use the best marketing idea for pest control.

Paid vs. Organic Search Campaigns


When you stop promoting your services during winter two things happen. First, you miss out on generating long term growth. And secondly, you end up falling behind losing organic rank and local authority. The price you end up paying is a rise in advertising costs come the busy season.

Problem With Paid Search Is...

With paid search campaigns a single website visitor will cost $60 in many areas. And, there is no guarantee of pest control leads & sales. The average PCO cannot afford this type of advertising. So, it’s time to start a winter marketing plan.
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Paid vs. Organic Search Campaigns

It’s difficult for small businesses in competitive industries, like pest control, to establish an online presence. Let alone, get their services found on Google search results quickly. For the average PCO advertising pest control services online is not affordable. But, it doesn’t mean you must give up. If your advertising budget is high then, paid search (Google Adwords & Microsoft Advertising) may deliver website traffic overnight. But, it doesn’t guarantee pest control jobs, leads or sales. So, it makes perfect sense to stop paid search campaigns during winter in most areas. But, it doesn’t make sense to stop marketing! With all the changes Google makes, paid search is no longer enough. With more competition opening doors in your service area each year, the cost of a potential customer clicking on your ad is rising. Relying on paid advertising is a costly nightmare for most pest professionals.

Yes, there is a difference between advertising & marketing your pest control business online.

what's the difference between marketing & advertising?

Email marketing, Adwords, and boosting posts on Facebook are three prime examples of pest control advertising. These types of advertising are great for pest control operators but, there is a down side. Thousands of dollars is lost each year in bad advertising created without quality marketing.

Marketing a pest control company is the extensive research, careful examination of competition, keyword planning, website deign, and more. In other words, marketing  is more important because without it a company stands to lose money. It’s not wise to start a paid campaign for pest control without learning more about your target audience and competitors.

While paid advertising has advantages, it’s not an affordable approach for cultivating pest control leads and sales in 2021.

Pest control marketing is researching competition and keyword planning. Pest control advertising is a flyer, email blast or paid search ad. So, marketing must come before advertising.

Paid Search Can Cause A New Company to go broke in their first year

Pest Control Advertising Is A Gamble

Having more than a decade of pest control marketing behind me, I learned one thing. It holds true for all companies trying to get their services found online. What I learned is simple – throwing money on direct advertising is no different than throwing money away on slot machines. You win some, you lose more! Unless the advertising is backed by a quality marketing plan.

National companies might have the budget to rank first with paid ads but, in order to start (or remain) in business smaller companies must spend more time developing a competitive strategy. A good marketing plan includes competitive research, keyword planning and website design along with an agenda that must be followed. These are each examples of the best pest control marketing ideas possible.

how to cultivate free leads & sales?

Your business must gain organic authority by publishing pest-related content written specifically for your target audience. Content will reduce advertising costs by cultivating free leads and sales. How is this done? Well, since pest control is one of the most competitive industries in the country, you will need to create a content marketing strategy.
Start by researching local competition. Find out what they are posting on social media channels like Facebook. Research their “followers.”. Dive deep into keyword planning but, not in general terms. Pay close attention to local keywords by using Google search queries. Yes, there is more than one search engine but, Google dominates more than 80% of the internet. Always start with Google!

You will begin to see relevant search terms potential customers are typing. You will discover questions people are asking about insects in your service areas. Once you discover keywords and questions from search queries, you will then use them in the main structure of your website design.

Once outlined, these keywords and phrases must be optimized for any pest control content you create. Highly organized and structured data helps search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank your business in search results.

It’s important to understand that while paid search was designed to deliver website traffic over night in some areas, content marketing takes time. On average, your website articles, blog posts, and pages may take between 6-8 months to gain authority over competition. This is why marketing should begin when most companies are shutting ads down for winter. But truth be told, content is the best idea for long term growth!

Pest Control Website Design & SEO Structure - How To?

When potential customers search Google for “your services” in “your city” you must be on the first page. If not you miss out on new customers because most internet users click one of the few pest control companies listed on the first page. Unfortunately, there is only one way to get around paying for ads on the first page of search results.

Your website must not only act like a sales rep and marketing funnel. More importantly, a website must have relevant content. Content is king and it is the best possible marketing idea to date. Content will rank faster, engage potential customers easily, and save money on advertising in the long run. So, by creating properly structured content, you will increase your ranks faster.

Think of web page content and blog articles like you would bait tied to the end of your fishing line. The right bait will attract the right internet user searching for your services fast. Without bait, the cost of advertising continues rising each year. And, it takes forever and a day to gain organic authority.

Social Growth

Facebook is now 'word of mouth.' Social media dominates the main ranks of conversation. And more people use social media during winter months. It’s time to share your services and more information about your company. Determine a posting schedule to gain trust. 

Content Growth

Search engines such as Google and Microsoft Advertising provide a great way to get in front of a pest control target market. But, like facebook marketing, pay per click advertising becomes extremely costly. Start getting free leads and sales in 2020 by developing a content marketing. strategy.

Get Help Now

Free growth comes from SEO - not Adwords. Focusing on optimized and highly sought after pest control content will optimize lead generation come 2021. Get help with a free content marketing plan for 2021 now.

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Pest Control Marketing Made Simple But Powerful
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Content creation takes time but, worth it if you want to cut advertising costs while obtaining long term growth. It’s best to write articles using the keywords and phrases found during your marketing research.

If you structure content correctly, it will rank high on search results quick and generate high quality pest control leads. In other words, forget about trying to rank your website on the first page – spend time on ranking original articles on the first page. Why? Because it’s easier and faster than you think!

Many pest control companies cut their advertising costs between October and March. This is the perfect time to begin marketing your services organically. Social media posts, optimized website content and blog articles will generate free leads and sales in 2020 if you start now!

Developing organic search campaigns is a difficult task to undertake. That’s why BestPest SEO creates free marketing plans for PCO’s. As former industry professionals, we know what it takes to get found fast and get ahead of competition. 

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